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Hi From a non-profit to another,

We at Bloomforce are here to help accomplish your missions. It helps communities, donors and workplace-giving programs find you.

People on Bloomforce are looking to donate their money with the right local charity. Make sure they choose you.

A network you need to connect with more funders.

Non-profit that share their story with great visuals and inspires storytelling are the ones that thrive in front of funders. At bloomforce, you'll get both done in just 5 steps AND get free marketing view shoutout to make sure that you're being heard.

Tell your story efficiently

Exposure to investors and larger nonprofits access to a powerful, easy-to-use digital presence. Having a strong presence on Bloomforce helps communities, nurture deep relationships with supporters, and measure the impact of their services.

Make it easy for grantors to fund your mission

Your story with a video and the impact report all in one place to be chosen for funding. Make sure they find the most up-to-date info, including the best way to get in touch.

Exposure to a wide range of local business and donations.

As a local non-profit, you get more than just donors. You get engaged supporters ready to tell your story and help you grow.